Partners & Friends

Working with other organisations to support Maternal Health and reduce Maternal Mortality in Sub Saharan Africa is crucial. Together we can make a difference. Having friends and relationships with other organisations helps us get life saving medications and midwifery training directly where it is needed.

hub cymru africa


Hub Cymru Africa host an annual small grants scheme of £180,000 for small scale Wales-Africa projects. They also support with communications, coordination and capacity building for groups and individuals who want to work on Wales-Africa Projects.

Hub Cymru Africa have supported us over the years from 2007 with funding grants from the Welsh government. They have helped us send midwives to Sierra Leone to conduct midwifery training and have been an on-going source of support. Hub Cymru Africa also provide network opportunities, training, networking and have actively publicised our work together.




Hypnobirthing Journey are passionate about making childbirth an empowering, positive experience! The journey through pregnancy to motherhood is an extraordinary time in a woman life and we believe that every birth is special.  Hypnobirthing is an amazing way to help reduce fear and anxiety surrounding childbirth, and prepare you for the birth of your baby, feeling calm and confident.  Hypnobirthing is well established, rooted in science and a natural way to manage the sensations of birth.  Hypnobirthing Journey is pledging to support Life For African Mothers by donating £10 for every course sold!



Chantelle in The Congo

Chantelle in The Congo

Les Reparateurs: One For One Child is a non-profit organisation caring for orphans in The Congo. The heart of the organisation is to rescue children and put them into families. Within their care the children have security, food, clothing and medical care. Life For African Mothers have been working with Les Reparateurs providing hand knitted baby clothes to the orphaned children.







In Trefoil Guild, women and men aged 18+ make new friends, travel, explore, serve their communities and help Guiding (and Scouting) thrive across the UK!

However, Trefoil Guild doesn’t just stop their work  in the UK….oh no….they’ve been supporting LFAM for 3 years in supplying us with hand knitted baby garments for newborn babies across several African countries. We’re overwhelmed by their generosity and committed support, we receive at least 1 parcel a week from the Trefoil Guild and cannot thank them enough!!

Tracey sorting out the clothes

Tracey sorting out the clothes at LFAM office



We have been working closely with Soroptimist International Swansea and Soroptimist International Glamorgan Gwent Marshes who support us by knitting garments for new born babies to ensure they keep warm at their most vulnerable. These clothes are vital, especially at times when countries are enduring a plight of disease or experiencing natural disasters where products and services become scarce. Soroptimist International Glamorgan Gwent Marshes have also supported our fundraising events by making cakes and assisting us with event logistics.

SI as an organisation create opportunities to change the lives of women through a global network and international partners. SI helps women into sustainable employment, improving the environmental sustainability of climate change and natural disasters. They also work to improve healthcare and food security as well as combat violence and engage women in conflict resolution.



The Kambia AppealThe Kambia Appeal working towards improving health for children and pregnant women in Sierra Leone. Founded in 1992 The Kambia Appeal is a UK-registered charity and a hospital link between Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and the medical district of Kambia in Sierra Leone. They have taken several packages of Misoprostol from LFAM over to rural Kambia.







Tutu Foundation UKThe Tutu Foundation UK builds peace in fractured communities in the UK using a model inspired by Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s peace and reconciliation work all over the world. The Tutu Foundation has provided LFAM a platform to showcase their work in the UK and also through their network have introduced LFAM to other important internationalist organisations.

During Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s last visit to the UK he brought the concept of Ubuntu with him and shared it with us. Click here to find out about his visit.






World Birth AidWorld Birth Aid is a humanitarian non-profit organization dedicated to providing clean birth kits, free of charge, to pregnant women denied access to a clean birthing environment in refugee camps and other impoverished areas of sub-Saharan Africa.  World Birth Aid has supplied Life for African Mothers with funding to send Misoprostol to Sierra Leone and Liberia.







UNISON has been a great friend to Life for African Mothers, there have been many individual branches of UNISON all over the UK which have helped support our work and we would like to thank them all personally.

UNISON thank you

Our friends from UNISON Yorkshire & Humberside and UNISON Cymru/Wales