East Africa


Malawi has currently one of the highest Maternal Mortality rates in the world. The maternal Mortality flagratio is estimated to be 574:100,000 per live births, whereas in comparison to the UK, the Maternal Morality ratio is 9:100,000 per live births.

In November 2015 LFAM sent the first shipment of Misoprostol to Zomba Central Hospital in the old colonial town and ex-capital city; Zomba, which is located in Southern Malawi. LFAM are extremely happy to support this hospital as there are only three Malawian medical doctors. Most of the other doctors are employed by the UN from other countries including DRC, Uganda, Holland, Canada. Additionally, the hospital has 500 beds, but the hospital runs at two times the capacity with patients sharing beds/lying on the floor and under other beds, especially in paediatric wards. So LFAM hope to help transform the hospital and improve it’s healthcare services with medication to treat post-partum haemorrhage.

The partnership was initiated through dear friends at Sight 2020 Direct that supports Malawi treating preventable causes of blindness. This includes cataracts, childhood blindess, refractive errors, low vision and glaucoma.

Firstly LFAM will send Misoprostol to Zomba Central Hospital alone, then expand to the East of Malawi, and then hopefully supply Misoprotol to the entire country.


Somaliland mapSomaliland covers an area of Somalia, it is an unrecognised self declared de facto state.

LfAM has been working with the Diaspora Community in Cardiff who regularly visit Somaliland and testify to the effectiveness of the medications. In July 2011, LfAM received a report that in just 2 hospitals, around 650 women were treated with the medications. The clinicians cannot state categorically that the medications saved the women’s lives; they tell us that there is a good chance that the women would have died without them.


Prepared as a background document for The State of the World’s Midwifery 2011 – launched June 2011
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