Midwifery Training

Life for African Mothers facilitates training programmes for midwives in sub Saharan Africa. Through our work in providing Magnesium Sulphate and Misoprostol to maternity hospitals it became apparent that there was a need for up skilling midwives.

Pilot projects were initiated in Freetown, Sierra Leone and following a very positive response from the training recipients LfAM has developed a model for ‘training the trainers’, enabling midwives to take back their course experiences to their respective hospitals and pass on their new skills.

Our courses are run by volunteer midwives from the UK and have also been supported by medical students.

Click here for the experiences of Claire Bertorelli a midwife from the Cardiff and Vale LHB

Midwifery training



We have decided to create an award for midwives who excel on our training programmes, this award is named, the DADA award, as is named after Consultant Obstetrician; Dr Taban Dada. We recently started presenting this award from the summer of 2015, and Angela Gorman (CEO) explains why:

“I met Dr Taban Dada during my very first visit to Liberia in January 2008. The civil war had been over for about 3yrs and he told me of how he had stayed in Liberia throughout. The war had taken its toll on the medical staff, many of whom had been murdered and others had fled the country. Post war, Dr Dada was one of only 2 Consultant Obstetricians and 27 fully qualified doctors for the whole country and its population of 3 million. His passion and commitment to the women and babies were tangible. I visited Dr Dada on every one of my eight visits. He even sat in on some of our workshops, encouraging his staff to learn. This incredible man could have earned vast sums of money in the West but he chose to stay in Liberia and face the challenges of significant poverty and their broken healthcare system. The maternal mortality rate in Liberia was among the highest in the world, with a lifetime risk of death in pregnancy and childbirth of 1:8. In the UK, the risk is currently 1:8700. We in LFAM were working with him and the Liberian Government to reduce that tragic figure and we were winning; but in 2014, Liberia’s and Dr Dada’s greatest challenge proved to be Ebola which as everyone is aware, overwhelmed the country. In October 2014, we received the terrible news that Dr Dada had become sick and he was dead within a week. We grieved for him, his family, his colleagues who I know, miss him every minute and of course Liberia, which is now the poorer for the loss of this great man of integrity, humility and professionalism. In June 2015, prior to our first post Ebola visit, we decided to create an award in Dr Dada’s name and memory, so on every visit and set of workshops, one attendee is given the Dedication And Determination Award. Dr Dada’s wife is aware of the award and is very touched by our gesture. Your name lives on Dr Dada, my friend and colleague”.
Angela Gorman (CEO)

Dr Dada

Dr Dada

In Liberia, September 2015, our team of UK midwives conducted a continuous improvement workshop with local midwives. Following the training the DADA award was given to Caroline who was very keen to participate and answer questions, plus she was not afraid to demonstrate her skills and knowledge in front of everyone!