“Life for African Mothers is absolutely delighted to receive this gift which will enable us to send a Welsh midwife to train midwives in Liberia. Miss Meghan Markle has a personal interest in humanitarian projects as does HRH Prince Harry, so this is a most fitting gift and I’m sure they will be thrilled.
We also have a firm commitment of £38,000 from another source, but we still need to raise sufficient match funding to enable us to undertake a scaled up, ambitious programme of training in Liberia later this year. Liberia and Sierra Leone, where we also work, are still recovering from the Ebola crisis, which has meant the loss of so many lives including many frontline medical staff. Life for African Mothers would welcome any further support with open arms, which will ensure that we continue to save the lives of these often forgotten women and provide a brighter future for Africas next generation.” For more information please visit www.Lifeforafricanmothers.org

The death of a mother has a devastating effect on families, communities and the wider economy, creating a permanent cycle of poverty. Saving a mother’s life does not only empower women, but ensures subsequent generations are given a fair opportunity to flourish. Every year, over 300,000 women die during childbirth, with the WHO reporting 99% of these deaths to be preventable. Women are no longer dying of diseases we cannot treat; they are dying because society has decided that they are not worth treating. This simply can no longer continue.

If you would like celebrate the royal wedding by helping Life for African Mothers continue to save the lives of women in Sub Saharan Africa, you can donate via the Life for African Mothers Justgiving page at: https://www.justgiving.com/lifeforafricanmothers