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View a selection of photos from midwifery visits to Africa, the arrival of medications and the distribution of hand knitted baby clothes. You will see first hand where your donations go. For day-day progress and photos follow our Facebook and Twitter pages.  Thank you very much for your support!


6 months in Liberia coming to an end February: Midwifery training in Liberia January: Midwifery Training in Liberia January: Baby Bundles in Sierra Leone


October: Midwifery training in Sierra Leone October: Report on the use of medication in Cameroon October: Midwifery Kit distribution in Sierra Leone October: Clothes distribution in Sierra Leone June: Report from Cameroon for the use of the anti-haemorrhage drug April: We’ve partnered with Somaliland! May 3rd-12th: Angela & Helen visit Liberia March 14th-24th: Midwifery training in Mozambique Feb 26th-March 3rd: Midwifery Training visit to Liberia Feb 18th-28th: Midwifery Training visit to Sierra Leone Feb 29th: Use of medications in Cameroon Jan 11th-18th: Midwifery Training trip to Sierra Leone


















By June, Liberia was declared Ebola free and shortly after in November Sierra Leone was also declared Ebola free, and we were able to resume our Midwifery training visits.

Nov 19th-28th: Midwifery Training trip to Liberia Nov 4th-18th : Midwifery Training trip to Sierra Leone Nov 2nd: Baby bundles in Uganda with NCI foundation Oct 25th-2nd Nov: Angela & Matt visit Sierra Leone and Liberia Oct 13th: Clothes arrive in The Congo to Les Reparateurs Orphanage Oct 7th: Cameroon receiving Folic Acid and Misoprostol tablets

Sep 7th-15th: Midwifery training visit to Liberia

Aug 17th: Baby bundles arriving in Kenya with the NCI Foundation June 25th: 10th Anniversary celebration of LFAM in Cardiff June 1st: Assessing the post Ebola situation in Liberia
















Highlights over the past 9 years



The Ebola Pandemic began during February in Guinea and soon spread to neighbouring Sierra Leone and Liberia by June. This put a hold on all planned  Midwifery visits for the foreseable future. Money for Midwifery visits was re-prioristied and invested in shipping baby bundles to Sierra Leone and Liberia during this time.

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