Ask yourself, ‘What would the world be like without Mothers’?’

The Jubilee Project in 2011 created a short film asking some of the public this very question. What would your answer be?

On Sunday the 30th March 2014 the UK will celebrate Mother’s Day. The one day a year where we collectively express our gratitude to the women that put us on this earth, the women that have cared for us from the minute we were put in their arms. Fortunately, in the UK we are privileged to live in a society of medical abundance and continuous discoveries. Unfortunately this is not always the case.

Today 800 women will die from preventable pregnancy and childbirth complications. According to Unicef in Sub Saharan Africa women face a 1-in-13 chance of dying in childbirth, as compared to a 1-in-4,100 chance in industrialised countries. Life for African Mother’s has created hope for these women in Sub Saharan Africa.

Author: Amy Murray


Can you help us to make it a happy mothers day in Sub-Saharan Africa next week?
A mother’s love is a truly special gift and while you are spoiling your own mother next Sunday spare a thought for the 15 women who will die in childbirth every hour in Sub Saharan Africa.


On Mothers Day we wish to celebrate our successes in helping to tackle maternal mortality in Sub Saharan Africa and ask if you believe mothers are as important to the world as we do, please DONATE £5.00 and help save lives; it costs around 50p to help save one woman in complicated labour- Your donation can go a very long way!