Malina’s Poem

By Malina Pickard

She wakes you up with a smile on her face.
Her smile is as big as the crescent moon.
All of her pearly whites crooked and perfect.
Her smile makes you smile.

She picks you up when you fall.
Brushes off your dirty knees and wipes the tears from your eyes.
Tells you it’s okay and gives you a hug.
Her hugs are warm and tight.
It’s just what you need to take away the pain pulsing from your knees.
You’re okay now.

She rocks you to sleep at night.
Singing beautiful melodies in her soothing voice.
You stay awake as long as you can, you don’t want to lose the sound of her voice.
Eventually you have to give in.
She gives you a kiss and keeps on singing.

She plays with you when you are lonely.
She whispers, “Sweetie, you won’t be alone for long.”
You smile and give mama’s growing tummy a soft pat.

She runs into the bedroom.
You try to follow but she pushes you back.
You know something’s wrong, but they won’t let you in.

You wait and wait.
Family comes. They give you a hug.
You push them away.
You don’t want to see anyone now.

You remember the feeling of her silky hair up against your face.
You reach out to grab her hand, no one grabs it back.
Mama’s gone and she isn’t coming back.