Those who help women become mothers deserve their own day of celebration. Celebrate with us today and give thanks to those incredible people around the globe who help provide vital maternal healthcare to mother and baby.

With countries like Sierra Leone, Democratic Republic of Congo and Chad being amongst some of the worst and most dangerous places on the plant to give birth, we need to recognise the important contribution midwives make in assisting pregnant women through; happy and safe deliveries, and difficult and traumatic experiences.

Every expectant mother deserves a happy, healthy and safe birth. In order for birth to be safer access to maternal healthcare globally needs to be improved, starting with providing excellent midwifery training to midwives to support them into supporting pregnant women.

At Life for African Mothers we truly believe in supporting midwifery training and have held many midwifery training sessions in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Burkino Faso and more recently Somaliland.

Trained midwives are the key to helping reduce maternal mortality, so please share your thanks and show your support for midwifery!

midwife assessment