Hypnobirthing Journey is passionate about making childbirth an empowering, positive experience! The journey through pregnancy to motherhood is an extraordinary time in a woman life and we believe that every birth is special.  Hypnobirthing is an amazing way to help reduce fear and anxiety surrounding childbirth, and prepare you for the birth of your baby, feeling calm and confident.  Hypnobirthing is well established, rooted in science and a natural way to manage the sensations of birth.  Hypnobirthing Journey is pledging to support Life For African Mothers by donating £10 for every course sold!

A hypnobirthing course can help a pregnant woman prepare for the birth of her baby by providing antenatal education (knowledge is power!), providing relaxation in pregnancy, creating a sense of positivity and confidence with the use of positive affirmations and self hypnosis, and teaching vital tools such as breathing for labour. The online course is easily accessible and we even have free taster tutorials to teach vital tools like breathing for birth at https://hypnobirthingjourney.com/pages/free-taster