When you fundraise with us, you’ll receive this wonderful supporter pack!

Fundraising pack

If you need more recources you can download more below 

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1.) Template to advertise your fundraising event












Download our poster to advertise your event or fundraising venture:



2.) Collecting tin Surround Cover for Fundraising

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Download the Collecting Tin surround if you have your own tin.  If you don’t have a tin please contact us on the number above.


3.) Sponsorship form

Life for African Mothers is always looking for new supporters of Maternal Health to help us raise vital funds to buy medication to treat complications of childbirth and support Midwifery training in Africa.

We value every contribution made to LfAM. Many people are inspired to raise money for LfAM from personal experiences such as a visit to an African country with poor Maternal Health, or they have seen moving footage of the atrocities of Maternal Mortality. Other people may have had a very personal experience such as the wonderful new arrival of a baby or even a near miss they feel lucky to have recovered from. Whatever your reasons for fundraising, inspiration comes in many different forms.

Our advice is; stand up, get involved and feel the warmth and satisfaction of supporting Maternal Health and saving the lives of women and babies in Sub Saharan Africa.

Download a sponsorship form

Fundraising for charity



There are many ways to raise funds, for example:

  • public collections, door-to-door or street fundraising
  • gaming, such as lotteries and raffles
  • events, for example street fairs
  • online, on the television or by telephone

You can plan your fundraising more effectively by considering:

  • how much you want to raise – is there something particular you want to use the money for and a minimum amount you need?
  • the timescale – if you are fundraising for a specific purpose you should set a start and end date for your activities
  • who will raise the funds – will you hire professionals to fundraise, do it yourself or recruit volunteers?
  • the purpose of the activity – are you trying to raise funds or just awareness?

How2Fundraise is part of the Institute of Fundraising and has lots of ideas to help you start fundraising, plus guides on staying safe and following the law.

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