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Meet Malina, she is 13 years old from Seattle. She saw the incredibly moving film by ABC News on maternal mortality affecting women in Sierra Leone. Instead of just doing what other girls her age are doing Malina was inspired by this film to do something to help decrease maternal mortality in Sub Saharan Africa and especially Sierra Leone.


Watch the short film

If you take a few minutes to watch this film you will know that Sierra Leone is considered the most dangerous place in the world to give birth, according to the World Health Organisation more women die in childbirth here than anywhere else in the world!

At Malina’s school the students participate in the Pay It Forward Project where at the end of the seventh grade all students get to choose a global problem they would love to tackle, many serious issues were chosen by the students, but Malina was moved by the lack of awareness of maternal mortality in Sub Saharan Africa and she felt it was time the issue was talked about more, especially in the US.

Maternal mortality seems very preventable and I felt like I could really make a difference”

Malina’s project involved researching maternal health and developing an action plan for reducing maternal mortality, she wrote a poem, created art work and emailed all her friends and family to raise awareness is this issue. The school held a presentation evening where the parents could come and view the projects and make donations to the causes- this is where she was able to make a big difference.

Read Malina’s poem

“They said the medicine to stop haemorrhaging costs less than a postage stamp. This made me realize that I could raise a reasonable amount of money for this organization and save a considerable amount of lives”

Malina's work

Malina is truly incredible not only did she help raise awareness of maternal mortality she helped raise $1400 around £874 for Life for African Mothers. So touched by the film she has asked if the money can go to Sierra Leone specifically.

We can’t thank Malina enough for the contribution she has made; fundraising can take many forms you just need to feel inspired!

People’s passions and generosity are what touch the lives of others. Malina may never meet the women whose lives she will help save but she has given these women a chance and their children a mother.