Top 10 fundraising ideas

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1. Sporting event– This isn’t just for the athletes amongst us all ages and abilities can get involved:
-sponsored walk or hike, you could go all out and try hiking the three peaks (if you’re up for a challenge).
-5 km run: participate or organise your own short race, it’s a chance to get a whole community involved in your event.
-Cycling: following the success of team Sky and Bradley Wiggins and in the words of Queen “get on your bike and ride”.

2. Cake sale– A personal favourite and can be done at all sorts of places; schools, fairs, work places. Get your friends and colleagues to bake and donate. Offer people a plate of cakes for something like £5 (just remember home baking isn’t always cheap, so don’t under sell your cakes).
A great addition to selling cakes is selling bags of popcorn, you can create your own flavours and they will sell like ‘hot cakes’.

3. eBay shop/ car boot– We all have lots of unwanted stuff that others want.
-Create an eBay shop. Selling online is easy if you have less time to go out and organise a fundraising event. Check out this link to find out how raising money for charity through eBay works-: eBay charity shop
-Carboot sales are a good old fashioned way of raising money. Ask friends and family to donate stuff, baby items, kid’s toys and books always sell well. Don’t forget to tell people you’re fundraising for Life for African Mothers.

4. Fashion show/ Talent show– This kind of event works really well at schools, colleges and universities. With supporting Maternal Health you could do fashion for pregnant women or have an African inspired theme with bright fabrics or African tribal dancing if it’s a talent show.

5. Supermarket bag packing– This is an inspired idea for a large group of you, especially young people to go to the local supermarket and get involved with the local community. Obviously you will need to organise this with the supermarket in advance.

6. BBQ and obscure sports– A wonderful idea for a sunny day. Selling BBQ burgers and sausages to friends and family. Have the whole street round for a BBQ and then after a few beers (for the adults) organise some fun sports races; racing with children’s toy outdoor toys, a trampoline contest or water fight! (We take no responsibility for any adverse goings on though- be safe!).

7. Themed dinner party– Host a dinner party for your friends and family, create a theme like ‘everything in miniature’ and have mini foods or a Mexican night and get people to dress up also. Ask people to purchase a ticket for the dinner party and hold a raffle to go with it.

8. Murder Mystery Night– More than a game of Cluedo this is a chance for the creative to go wild and plot against friends and family.

9. Sponsored eat-a-thon– Something for the foodies and the less athletic. Organise for a group of you to eat a dish at as many restaurants from around the world in your local area, get sponsored by friends and families and ask diners at restaurants to donate.

10. Brest to Brest by any means possible– Probably the most obscure an idea people have used to raise money for breast care charities, but with the connection to women’s health this is an opportunity to have an incredible adventure travelling from Brest in France to Brest in Belarus.
You may have noticed the ideas get a little more creative further down the list. Go mad, do whatever works for you!

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It’s easier than you think– don’t feel daunted by planning a fundraising event. Feel passionate about your cause and others will share that with you and feel encouraged to donate!

Be organised– good planning and preparation make for a fun and rewarding event.

Network– don’t be shy ask everyone you know to join in; friends, family, work colleagues, your boss, your school, university, local businesses, hospitals!

Publicity– tell everyone who will listen about your event. Create posters, make T-shirts, have collection buckets, use social media (Facebook and Twitter), contact local press and local bloggers who will be interested in talking about your event.