Life For African Mothers would like to congratulate volunteer Midwife, Emily Brace, for achieving the Runner Up ‘Humanitarian Nurse Midwife’ award!

Emily Brace has been supporting women’s health for the last 10 years, she first worked as a nurse, then qualified as a Midwife and has been working in the profession for the last 6.5 years and she is now doing her Masters in Humanitarian Healthcare. Emily has been volunteering with LFAM since 2012 and has traveled to Liberia and Sierra Leone several times delivering ‘Skills Sharing’ workshops with the local midwives. The Skills Sharing workshop enhances the medical knowledge of the Midwives and most importantly the UK volunteer Midwives ask them what they want and need to learn. As a result the volunteer Midwives improve their management and presentation skills, learn how to use resources more economically, and are exposed to Tropical illnesses that may present themselves in hospitals in the UK. Angela Gorman (CEO) has witnessed how Emily has blossomed since she started volunteering for the charity and Angela was very impressed with her team leadership when she, with three other Midwives directed the Skills Sharing workshop in Liberia post Ebola this summer.

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Emily Brace during training in Liberia