Please help support us in anyway so we can continue supplying the much needed medication mothers desperately need in areas where hospitals simply do not have the resources.

Our core funder has reluctantly had to retract their corporate giving due to Brexit, so we are in great need of financial support.

The effect of the drugs is immediate and the impact on families and communities is long lasting.

Your financial support will not only supply medication, but also facilitate midwifery training to deal with life threatening complications of childbirth.


Our lasting impact…

Bamenda hospital, Cameroon
Dear Angela Gorman good evening,
I sincerely hope that this email meets you and the entire staff of life for African mothers in good health.
June was a crucial month for us as we had a lot of work and registered a total of 357 deliveries. Of these, 9 cases had postpartum haemorrhage following delivery despite the routine use of cytotec. in these patients we doubled the dose of given in addition to other resuscitative measures and today these babies have their mothers with then. Unfortunately, we registered 02 maternal deaths. The first was a case of sepsis following criminal abortion, who developed generalized peritonitis. This patient underwent surgery but died of infectious complications after surgery. The second was a case of spontaneous abortion who developed sudden altered consciousness with the onset of abortion. This patient was rushed to the theatre and the abortion completed with minimal bleeding and cytotec was administered to ensure uterine contractions. Yet the altered state of consciousness continued despite the lack of clinical evidence of embolism. The patient died shortly afterwards despite receiving the best available treatments we had at hand.
The month of July 2016 was calmer and we recorded 257 and ZERO MATERNAL DEATHS!!! This was quite a relief after the turmoil of the previous month. We had 6 cases of post partum bleeding and we used Cytotec to arrest the situation. There was equally one near miss from uterine rupture during noticed immediately after delivery. A timely surgery was done and the patient underwent a total abdominal hysterectomy. Even though today this woman has NO womb, we are grateful to God and to you that She and her baby are both alive.
So this has been the situation in Bamenda in the last two months. On behalf of all the pregnant women in Bamenda, I cannot thank LFAM enough for what you have done, and keep doing for us. Many homes would have been without their mothers and many children may have been born without ever getting the chance to see their mothers’ face. LFAM through the gracious donation of cytotec is helping ensuring that this is reduced to a minimum in Bamenda. We are aware of this and forever remain grateful.
Dr Frederick Morfaw MD, MSc (Edinburgh-UK),
OB/GYN (FMBS Yaounde)


Midwifery training

Volunteer Midwife, Helen who has taken a year off work to train midwives in Liberia has featured in the Nottingham post! Helen has so far spent 6 months in Liberia and is due to spend a further 6 months volunteering in Liberia from June. Helen, along with Country Director, Abdul have facilitated the training of over 300 midwives in 6 counties in 6 months. We are so very proud of their achievements! We could not have done it without them!
Read more here
Volunteer midwife, Helen Loewenstein


Help us send Abdul to University to study Public Health!

abdul just giving

Abdul, the Country Director for Liberia has been has been volunteering for us for 6 years. He coordinates midwifery training programmes in an effort to reduce maternal mortality. Abdul is well known to the UK doctors and midwives who have volunteered for the charity. Anyone who has met Abdul will say what a selfless and caring person he is.
Abdul is also a pharmacist and has worked at Redemption hospital and the Ministry of Health. He now works at the Liberia Medicine and Health products Regulatory Authority, helping to ensure that only high quality and authentic products enter Liberia.
Outside of work Abdul is a peer in his community. He sponsors 11 children enabling them to get an education as well as helping out other individuals with medication and other needs.
Abdul is passionate about his country and wants to improve the prospects of all citizens of Liberia so he would like to study Public Health in Nottingham Trent University to do so. Abdul will utilise his knowledge through working with the government of Liberia to advocate the necessary steps to reduce maternal mortality.
Please contribute however much you can.


Rhodri Morgan

We are sad to hear that Rhodri Morgan, Welsh labour politician and former First Minister for Wales has passed away. Rhodri Morgan Launched the Wales for Africa programme 11 years ago. The programme was established for Wales to make a unique contribution to the sustainable development in Africa including the Millennium Development Goals at the time. Hundreds of Welsh charities operating in Africa have benefited from the programme acquiring advice, monetary support and networking opportunities. We have benefited unquantifiably from the scheme and we send our sincere condolences to the family and Rhodri Morgan’s wife, Julie Morgan (Welsh Assembly Member), who is a friend and trustee of Life for African Mothers.
A message of condolences by, Angela Gorman:
“We were saddened to hear of the sudden death of Wales’s former First Minister Rhodri Morgan on 17th May. Not only was Rhodri instrumental in founding the Wales for Africa Programme in 2006, but he was also very interested in how our little organisation was able to save so many mothers’ lives. He always asked “tell me again how little it costs to save a mother?” When I told him 50p, his eyes would twinkle and his smile would fill the room. Rhodri’s wife, Julie has been one of our Trustees for 5yrs; always a great advocate for women here in Wales and also in developing countries. Rhodri’s funeral service was held in the Senedd in Cardiff Bay and was packed to capacity with lots of people outside, listening to the wonderful tributes to him and his family. We in LFAM were privileged to have had his support for so long. He will be sadly missed by everyone”.


We are forever grateful for the new support by, Mila Christina. This is one example of how you could help…

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 Mila Christina, ‘cashmere for babies’, is now supporting us! 15% of every sale will be donated to us.
Mila Christana unisex sweaters and bodysuits are made of 100% natural fibres of cashmere from Inner Mongolia and Nepal.
The frustration of finding warm clothing led the founder, Ollia, to make her own clothing line.
“Like every mother, I wanted the best for my baby; cashmere sweaters and bodysuits filled that need in clothing!”.
The sweaters and bodysuits can be worn as everyday garments and can easily be dressed up for special occasions. Made of 100% cashmere fibres, they easily adapt to various temperatures; in winter they will keep your baby warm and well insulated without overheating and in summer, they will keep your baby cool due to the high moisture content in the fibres.
Mila Christina Cashmere for Babies is a line born out of passion, necessity and love for fashion & design.


Will you take the…



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