On the 22nd of November The Welsh Assembly held a Plenary at the Senedd where they discussed the successes of The Wales for Africa programme over the past 10 years. During this discussion, Julie Morgan (AM) and Vaughan Gething (AM) recognised the good works of LFAM and highlighted the importance of the ‘special leave policy’ for Midwives on the NHS to Volunteer abroad. The recognition is not only in the importance of improving health systems in Africa, but also being able to ‘ come back with, actually, sometimes new skills but certainly new and renewed commitment to public service and they people they work for and serve’ (Vaughan Gething).

julie-morgan-speaking-in-plenary-meeting-in-the-assembly-22nd-nov vaughn-gething-speaking-in-plenary-meeting-in-welsh-assembly-22nd-nov-16