We have received a beautiful report from Dr. Morfaw for the month of May 2016 on how misoprostol (aka cytotec), the anti-haemorrhage drug has been used. Please also see the pictures Dr. Morfaw has taken below.

Dear Angela good evening
It is with renewed pleasure that i write to you once again to thank you for your enormous generosity in helping to save the lives of Cameroonian mothers.
Please find attached the reports for the usage of cytotec in our hospital in the month of May 2016. We had a total of 300 deliveries, and thanks to the extra stock we had from sister Felicitas which was not completely exhausted before our own stocks arrived, we were able to provide 933 tablets to the women in need.
Thanks to God and to you, we returned to our good habits of zero maternal mortality for the month of May 2016, despite one case of uterine rupture, and 11 cases of post partum haemorrhage in which misoprostol was fundamental in saving the lives of these women.

In additon, we received with extreme gratitude the four cartoons of Cytotec which you dispatched to us via DHL. Its arrival was welcome with much enthusiasm and jubilation in our hospital as we were getting worried as were were on the edge.
Please find attached some photographs taken with staffs of the regional hospital Bamenda upon reception of this second package of this valuable drug which has been helping to curb maternal mortality in our hospital.
Dear Mrs Gorman, I sincerely extend to you the gratitude of the entire staff of the regional Hospital Bamenda, that of the pregnant women in Bamenda Cameroon, and by extension the gratitude of their yet unborn babies for this gesture of kindness aimed at giving life to our mothers. there is no greater gift than LIFE, and through this generous donation of cytotec, LFAM is providing life to our mothers. We are extremely grateful and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
We promise to continue giving this drug free of charge to all in need in our region to ensure that your kindness gets into every home in our region.

Before clearing the medication from the post office, it came with a custom duty charge (see receipt attached) of 50.000FCA which converts to about 61 pounds, which cost i am happy to incur as an individual to serve towards this noble course.

Dear Mrs Gorman, thank you once again for your good works and generosity, and may God continue to bless you and the entire team of LFAM for this immeasurable act of kindness

Dr Frederick Morfaw MD, MSc (Edinburgh-UK),
OB/GYN (FMBS Yaounde)