Baby Bundles

At Life for African Mothers we have had great success with collecting baby clothes to ship or take to several countries in Africa. The baby clothes are donated to hospitals to and the mothers are presented with a baby care bundle on discharge home with their baby and get another baby care bundle if they return to the mother and baby clinic.

By donating baby clothes, socks, bonnets and blankets you are helping to save the lives of women and their babies. It encourages pregnant women to go into hospital when they go into labour rather than waiting until there are severe complications and it is often too late.

If you are interested in collecting or donating baby clothes to LfAM please contact us at: or tel: 02920 343774

baby care bundles


Symbol of Hope

Life for African Mothers has adopted the African Forget-Me-Not as a symbol of hope for all the mothers and babies that we support.

The flowers are available as lapel pins and have been sold throughout Wales at Welsh Assembly Offices during our Charity of The Year fundraising. We are able to supply these pins in an attractive woven basket if you would wish to fund raise for the charity.

For more help & ideas on fundraising for LfAM click here fundraising ideas or Contact us

Symbol of Hope


Purchase Angela’s Book

CEO Angela Gorman has written and published an inspiring book on the plight of women and expectant mothers in Sub Saharan Africa called Every Woman’s Right. The book is an incredible read, available as an eBook and paper copy. CLICK HERE to buy now.

Every Woman's Right


Linking & Social Media

If you are interested in featuring Life for African Mother in an article or post we would love you to link back to our site to help us grow our support for maternal health issues. If you are an organisation interested in getting a link from LfAM we have certain terms & conditions. Please contact us for further information.

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