A message from one of our most valued doctors in Africa! He never fails to send amazing reports on the effectiveness and impact that our Misoprostol donations are having, and never a day late! (get the happy tissues at the ready!) :
Dear Angela good morning.
It is with renewed pleasure that I send you greetings from Bamenda Cameroon this morning.
It is our fervent wish that all is well with you and the entire team Life for African Mothers.
Please kindly find attached the reports of our usage of the precious drug for the months of August and September 2016.
In the month of August, we had a total of 295 deliveries. We had 10 cases of maternal, post partum haemorrhage
which required doubling the, dose of cytotec administered. This was critical saving the lives of these women as the bleeding was controlled without the need for surgery. We therefore did not record any cases of maternal death this month, and remain grateful to you for this.
In September, We had a record breaking 19 cases of maternal post partum haemorrhage which required doubling the dose of cytotec administered. Cytotec played a fundamental role in controlling the bleeding in all these women. It is rare to have this number of postpartum haemorrhage without maternal deaths as post partum haemorrhage is the primary cause of maternal death. This highlights the fundamental importance cytotec played in saving these women. We therefore did not record any cases of maternal death this month either.
As you can see from the above, thanks to God and to LFAM we have consistently achieved ZERO MATERNAL MORTALITY in approximately 1000 deliveries over the past three months. We are so grateful to you for his precious drug as the numbers speak for themselves. Indeed Angela, you and the entire team for LFAM are truly giving life to the women of Bamenda Cameroon and from the bottom of our hearts we say THANK YOU. This thank you comes from the the many pregnant women here in Bamenda whose childbirth process has been made safer by your kind donation.
Yesterday October 5th 2016 marked the 1st anniversary since the institution of the Cytotec project in our hospital. We therefore had a staff meeting to commemorate this historic hallmark and to review what this has brought to our hospital. Please kindly see some of the attached pictures of this meeting. Overwhelmingly all the Obstetricians/Gynecologist as well as the midwives acknowledged the capital importance this drug has made in improving the quality of service that we render and in keeping our mothers alive.
They used the forum to extend their heartfelt gratitude to you and your team. The team pointed out that the numbers speak for themselves and childbirth has been safer since the introduction of the cytotec project and they all feel happy to be a part of this success story.
So dear Angela, that has been the situation in Bamenda over the past 02 months. I am happy to be a part of this, and do extend our well wishes to you and your team
Dr Frederick Morfaw MD, MSc (Edinburgh-UK),
OB/GYN (FMBS Yaounde)